25 Oct 2018 - Weekend Walk
17 Oct 2018 - History of Tax
04 Oct 2018 - Admission of Sheriffs

Weekend Walk

The Company's first weekend walk took place in glorious autumn weather on Saturday, 20th October. The route was along segments of the signposted Capital Ring, from East Finchley Station to Finsbury Park Station. 

Despite being so close to the heart of London, the vast majority of the route was along what could have been taken as rural byways. Through the Corporation of London's Highgate Woods there was a coffee break at the Queens Wood Cafe; the route passed the entrance to the long-closed Highgate Tunnels, now a bat sanctuary; along the track of a defunct London Underground line, part of London's longest Nature Reserve; and past large marquees where was being held an Oktoberfest, from which the sounds of military bands could be heard.

Click here to view photos from the weekend.