18 Apr 2018 - Guest of the Information Technologists
16 Apr 2018 - RAF 100
12 Apr 2018 - Big Curry Lunch

Guest of the Information Technologists

The Information Technologists host an annual Master and Clerks' Black Tie Dinner, attended by some of their Past Masters along with a number of Livery Masters and Clerks, and the Tax Advisers were invited.

As members will probably  know we rent space at Information Technologists' Hall where we hold our Committee meetings, and often our Court meetings too, so it was interesting to see familiar space used for a formal function.  As both we and the World Traders store our silverware there, the Information Technologists displayed a Loving Cup from each Company on that Company's table, so the cup given by Founder Master Roy Jennings was placed near the Master Tax Adviser.

The musical entertainment was a wonderful classical guitar soloist,  Laura Snowden, who is a Yeoman of the Worshipful Company of Musicians.

Photo: The Master, Morag Loader, with fellow Masters at Information Technologists' Hall