25 Oct 2018 - Weekend Walk
17 Oct 2018 - History of Tax
04 Oct 2018 - Admission of Sheriffs
03 Oct 2018 - Magical Taxi Tour
02 Oct 2018 - National Army Museum
01 Oct 2018 - City Churches Walk

Admission of Sheriffs

Each year, on Michaelmas Eve, the two new Sheriffs of the City of London are admitted to their office at Guildhall in one of the traditional ceremonies of the City of London. Typically the Sheriffs are elected on Midsummer Day, 24th June, and their Admission precedes the election of the Lord Mayor at Common Hall on Michaelmas Day.

As their role is heavily based around the Old Bailey, the Sheriffs swear a lengthy oath to the Crown and promise to uphold justice.

This year's Sheriffs are Liz Green and Vincent Keaveny