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2018 City Walk Announced

This year's City  Walk has a Sherlock Holmes theme and will take place on 6 June.

Sherlock Holmes was created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in 1887, and is possibly the most famous of all fictional detectives. Many of the stories featuring him were set in London, and London is synonymous with Sherlock Holmes.

Whilst we can't promise a pea soup fog  on 6 June,  grab your deerstalker and join us for a guided walk retracing the steps of the detective and his author around the alleys, streets, pubs, theatres, restaurants and squares of Covent Garden starting from Embankment Tube on Villiers Street. Real life and fiction come together in the hidden gas lit passageways of Victorian London.

More details and a booking form can be found on our website  here: