12 Apr 2018 - Big Curry Lunch
09 Apr 2018 - Guest of the Insurers
06 Apr 2018 - New Event Flyers

New Event Flyers

Two new event flyers are now available on our website

Common Hall for the Election of Sheriffs  25 June

All Liverymen are invited to attend this extremely popular and traditional Livery event, and to exercise their right as a Liveryman to vote in the election (Common Hall is a term used to describe a gathering of Liverymen, and often associated with an election). The Election of two Sheriffs and other officers including Ale Connors and Bridge Trustees in Common Hall occurs each Midsummer Day. It is a considerable spectacle, and is an interesting and historic ceremony.  This year the election is contested with 4 candidates standing. There is an optional  lunch afterwards at Founders' Hall.

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HSBC Art  Collection Tour   3 July

The HSBC Art Collection is housed in the bank's Canary Wharf headquarters, which were designed by Norman Foster and the Company has been able to arrange a private tour . The Collection reflects the changes made throughout the bank’s history, from its establishment in the Far East through to its acquisition of Midland Bank in 1992, and traces its roots back to 1923. The viewing will be preceded by a short talk about the paintings and we will then have an opportunity to explore the Collection, which includes works by Lowry, Nevinson, Bomberg, Vanessa Bell, Duncan Grant and Walter Sickert as well as contemporary artists such as Phoebe Unwin, Simon Ling and George Shaw.

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