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13 Nov 2019 - The Lord Mayor's Show - 9 Nov 2019
16 May 2019 - Past Masters Lunch

The Lord Mayor's Show - 9 Nov 2019

The Lord Mayor’s Show celebrates the appointment of a new Lord Mayor.  This came about when King John was persuaded to let the City of London elect its own mayor but only on the condition that the new mayor would travel from the City to Westminster to swear his loyalty to the Crown.  800 years later this is still happening and on 9th November 2019 a select band of both the Company’s Liverymen and Freemen joined in this ancient custom. You can usually guarantee that it will rain on the day of the Lord Mayor’s Show and, yes, the heavens opened with a vengeance again this year but the gods were kind and it did not rain until almost the end of the show so we were not as bedraggled as usual.

We congregated beforehand in the splendid surroundings of the Ironmongers' Hall in the shadow of the Museum of London for a bacon buttie and a cuppa.  The Liverymen were then “robed” and we joined the Modern Livery Companies in the procession, which started at 11am at the Mansion House.   With 7000 people taking part together with 150 floats, 200 horses and marching bands, the noise, bustle and colours were very stimulating and exciting – and everyone seemed to have a big grin on their faces!  The crowds cheered us on as usual and the kids were excited with free sweets and especially thrilled when walkers from the procession took time out to give them a “high five”. Our Beadle, Andy, was his usual effervescent self, asking kids, cadets, the Lord Mayor and his guests alike if they were enjoying themselves and evoking a noisy, enthusiastic response each time.

At the half-way mark the procession “parked” along the Embankment.  Along with several other Livery Companies we had sandwiches and bubbly on HQS Wellington.  This was a good opportunity to meet members of other Companies and to marvel at the great variety of robes which were hung up in the cloakroom.  After lunch we proceeded back to the Mansion House somewhat foot-weary but happy.  An enjoyable day was finished off in a local pub.