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12 Mar 2019 - Budget Banquet - Thursday 7 March 2019

Budget Banquet - Thursday 7 March 2019

On Thursday, 7th March some 165 Tax Advisers and guests attended the Company’s Budget Banquet at Clothworkers’ Hall. We were greeted not only by the Master and Wardens, but also by our very own adopted Barn Owl, Sage, who travelled from the Hawk Conservancy Trust near Andover to be with us.

After a splendid Dinner, the highlight of which was a main course superbly prepared by the chefs from pork donated by the Master from his herd of Pedigree Berkshire pigs, Sue Christensen, the Middle Warden, toasted our guests. These included 14 Masters of other Companies together with 12 of their Clerks; Wg. Cdr. Peter Thorbjornsen, OC 101Squadron RAF; the Chief Executive CIOT; the Executive Director ATT; Ms Jiayi Ng, King’s College Prizewinner, and our Principal Guest, Past Lord Mayor Alderman Luder, CBE, a Past Master and Honorary Assistant of the Company. Sue told us that the Magnificent Hall, kindly made available for our Banquet, is the sixth to have been built on this site by the Clothworkers and was constructed in 1958. She noted that the Clothworkers’ third Hall was burnt down in the Great Fire of 1666 and the best known chronicler of the Fire, Samuel Pepys, was elected Master Clothworker in 1677.

Responding for the Guests, Alderman Luder, referred to the City’s historic capacity to successfully respond and adapt to change, a very relevant topic. He mentioned developments such as Islamic Finance and the Green Finance Initiative, which aims to promote the City as a leading global centre for the provision of green financial and professional services. He remained confident of the City’s ability to continue to play a leading role in global financial markets.

In his concluding remarks, the Master, Marcus Fincham, picked up the “green” message from Alderman Luder. He acknowledged that the requirements of business, such as the need for international flights, could have adverse environmental consequences, but he urged us all to consider how we could improve sustainability in our everyday lives. Many small efforts to behave in an environmentally friendly way could aggregate to significant benefits for the planet.