Inter-Livery Clay Shooting

The Tax Advisers' team at the Inter-Livery Clay Shooting event on 16th May.

Our team comprised Stephen Burwood, Keith Bell, Victor Dauppe and Debashish Biswas …read more

100+ Club

The Master and Clerk attended a lunch hosted by the Worshipful Company of World Traders, Livery Company 101, where the guest list consists entirely of Livery Companies with a number in excess of 101, and so the Tax Advisers at 107 are  invitees. As the Livery movement grows, there are potentially new members every year. The "Club Lunch" was set up by Sir Roger Cork, a former Lord Mayor and Master World Trader.  The event was held in IT Hall, and the Master Information Technologist was invited and gave the vote of thanks on behalf of the guests, even though at Company 100, the Information Technologists are not strictly part of the Club. …read more

Tour of the Assay Office

The Tax Advisers enjoyed a fascinating visit to Goldsmiths' Hall followed by a tour of its working Assay Office, where Hallmarks are applied to gold, silver, platinum and palladium to confirm their purity. The Goldsmiths' Company Assay Office began Hallmarking in 1327 and is the oldest one in the UK. There are also offices in Birmingham, Sheffield and Edinburgh.  As well as seeing the modern process up close, we also witnessed the old assay method using a touchstone. The expression "up to scratch" comes from the assayer's craft as a line from a calibrated gold measure is scratched on the touchstone before one from the object to be tested.  The two can then be easily compared.  We also examined some interesting fakes and forgeries that had been impounded by the law enforcement authorities before finishing off with a pub lunch. …read more

Afternoon Tea with the Management Consultants

The Master enjoyed an afternoon tea tasting with the Worshipful Company of Management Consultants at Guildhall before enjoying an Afternoon Tea in the Aldermens' Dining Room. We learned from two expert tasters about Darjeeling and Assam from India, and  about a variety of teas from Sri Lanka. The City of London has strong links with the tea trade over the centuries and there are many places in the City associated with it e.g. Plantation Place. There is a London Tea History Association which has more on this fascinating aspect of the City. For more on this see …read more

Sons and Friends of the Clergy

The Master attended the 364th annual Festival Service of the Sons & Friends of the Clergy at St Paul's Cathedral,  processing into the Cathedral along with many other gowned Livery Masters.  The Festival is funded by the Stewards, an historic title for those who were responsible for organising the Festival until 1975.  It is now organised by staff of the Sons and Friends of the Clergy charity.  Today, becoming a Steward is a way of supporting the Festival and work of the charity and  the Master  became a Steward for the first time to support this year's Festival.  The address was given by the newly installed Bishop of London, Sarah Mullally.  The origins of the charity date back to 1655 in the time of the Commonwealth and today it supports Anglican clergy with financial grants in times of distress and hardship, and also promotes clergy well being. …read more

Sheffield Park and Afternoon Tea on the Bluebell Railway

An intrepid group of tax advisers enjoyed a guided tour of the beautiful Sheffield Park Gardens, albeit in the rain, before embarking on the Bluebell Railway for a delicious Afternoon Tea. Thanks go to our Assistant Clerk for organising such a fantastic day out. …read more

Shrieval Elections Monday 25 June 2018

The Shrieval Elections will be a contested election between four candidates. Liverymen are urged to attend Guildhall and cast their vote. …read more

Collecting for the British Red Cross

The Master joined a number of other Livery Masters and Wardens collecting on behalf of the British Red Cross on London Bridge. Livery Masters and Wardens collect wearing their Livery gowns, which creates quite a spectacle on the Bridge. …read more

View Day at St Barts

The Master, Clerk and Consort all attended an Evensong at St Bartholomew the Great, our Guild Church,  (also attended by Sheriff Neil Redcliffe, who will speak at our Civic and Charities Lunch), followed by a reception in St Barts Great Hall, and a tour enabling us to see some of the fantastic work that the Barts Charity is enabling Barts hospital to carry out by way of cutting edge robotics surgery and enhancing the hospital environment for chemotherapy patients with the help of a theatrical set designer.  In a first for the UK, St Bartholomew’s has the only robot dedicated to cardiothoracic (heart, chest and lungs) surgery, while The Royal London’s is being shared across six different medical specialties for the first time. …read more

CIOT Prizegiving

The Master attended the May Admission ceremony of the CIOT at Drapers' Hall to present the Worshipful Company of Tax Advisers'  Medal for the ADIT examinations. The Medal is for  the best overall performance in Paper 3- Advanced International Taxation (Thematic) and was won by Sam El-Grew. …read more