Roman Baths

The City of Bath is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and no trip to Bath would be complete without a visit to the Roman Baths and temple complex which, together with the remains of the city of Aquae Sulis that grew up around them, make a significant contribution to the understanding and appreciation of Roman social and religious society. The Tax Advisers visited this fabulous site as part of the Master's Weekend. The complex is one of the best preserved of its kind in the world, and offers audio guided tours as well as a live guide option.  Minerva's owl can be seen carved into the stone pediment of the Temple of Sulis Minerva, which is on display at the Roman Baths Museum.  It was great to see such an ancient owl alongside those in the modern sculpture trail. Needless to say,  the Roman Baths is sponsoring an owl as part of the Minerva's Owl trail.  Meet Bubo the Owl. …read more

Georgian Fare Walking Tour

As part of the Master's weekend, members and their guests enjoyed a walking tour of Bath learning about some of the foodstuffs that would have been prevalent in Bath's Georgian heyday. A great way to see the city on foot and to taste some unusual foodstuffs. One such foodstuff was the still popular Sally Lunn, which is a large bun or teacake made with a yeast dough including cream and eggs, similar to the sweet brioche breads of France. Some say the bun is named after a refugee Huguenot baker who set up shop in Bath, and others that it is the anglicisation of "soleil et lune" representing the golden crust and white base of the bun. Take your pick! …read more

Parliament of Owls

The Master's Weekend this year was in Bath, the city of the goddess Minerva, whose symbol is the owl.  Bath had a sculpture trail display of 82 themed owls throughout the city, and many people aim  to track them all down. The owl is the symbol of the Worshipful Company of Tax Advisers and the Chartered Institute of Taxation, both channelling Minerva's owl as a symbol of wisdom and knowledge. Our annual newsletter is called "The Owl", and we sponsor an owl called Ozzie with the Barn Owl Trust. …read more

Imperial Society of Knights Bachelor

The Master and Deputy Master attended the Annual Service of Dedication of the Imperial Society of Knights Bachelor in St Faith's Chapel at St Paul's Cathedral. Those knighted in either the Queen's Birthday or  New Year's Honours  list are invited to attend  and make a public declaration of dedicating themselves to a life of knightly service in front of the assembled Livery Masters and Clerks, presided over by the Bishop of London Dame Sarah Mullally. This year a new painting was also dedicated, commissioned for the Society's chapel at St Paul's entitled St Martin Divides His Cloak, as St Martin of Tours is the Patron Saint of the Society. Anyone can  visit the Chapel at St Paul's to see the new painting. …read more

St John Ambulance Award Ceremony

The Master attended an Awards evening for the City of Westminster St John Ambulance cadets, at which Court Assistant Mike Gibbons, who is the District Manager for West London was also present. The Badgers (aged 7 - 10) and the cadets (aged 10 - 18) received certificates, badges and trophies to reflect their hard work and progress. The Worshipful Company of Tax Advisers presents a prize annually for the best new recruit, as decided by the Commanding Officer, and the Master presented this along with a number of certificates and other awards, including Cadet of the Year. Chatting to some of the cadets and leaders about their work, both before and after the ceremony,  was truly inspirational. …read more

Cart Marking

The Master attended the Cart Marking Ceremony in Guildhall Yard where she met up with Past Master Tax Adviser Erica Stary. The Cart Marking Ceremony is organised by the Worshipful Company of Carmen in conjunction with the City of London Corporation. In medieval times, the City decreed it should have control over the number of commercial vehicles operating in the Square Mile and that each would be licensed with a brass plaque.  Today, a parade of largely period vehicles, often owned and maintained by the Carmen, parade into Guildhall Yard for marking  to commemorate this ancient custom. Spectators turned out to see the  Master Carmen,  the Master Glover, and  Lord Mayor Alderman Charles Bowman  inspecting each vehicle and marking it with a red-hot iron bearing the year letter and car number. This year's letter was "Z".  The Glovers provide the gloves used in the marking ceremony to protect the markers' hands. …read more

Polo with the Chartered Surveyors

The Master and Consort enjoyed a wonderful afternoon at the Inter-Regimental Polo Finals at the Guards Polo Club. We gathered for drinks in the clubhouse on what must have been one of the hottest days of the year, before partaking of  a splendid lunch served by Mossimans, all before the big match itself which we watched from the grandstand. The Inter-Regimental Polo Finals is the oldest polo competition in the world. The Irish Guards beat the Queen's Royal Hussars in the final.  Many members of the Worshipful Company of Chartered Surveyors were there along with a smattering of other Livery Masters and Consorts. …read more

Karaoke Night at Mansion House

In aid of the Lord Mayor's appeal the Lady Mayoress hosted the first ever Karaoke Night in the Egyptian Room at Mansion House. The Sheriffs and their Consorts took part, along with many Livery Masters and Consorts, as well as members of the public wishing to support the Appeal.  The Lord Mayor performed a duet via a Webcam link from South Korea,  where he is currently undertaking a business trip on behalf of the City.  As well as Karaoke, guests enjoyed a fish and chip supper. The Master managed to win two bottles of Lord Mayor's gin on the tombola!  Members wishing to experience dining in  the Egyptian Room at Mansion House can join us for the Installation Dinner on 21 September. …read more

Lunch with the Old Bailey Judges

The Master attended a lunch with the Old Bailey judges hosted by Sheriff Neil Redcliffe and Alderman Michael Mainelli in the Sheriff's dining room. It is the responsibility of the Sheriffs to organise lunch for the judges 5 days a week, and to provide a mixture of different dining companions. As well as one other Livery Master, the guests included an author, an entrepreneur, an Oxbridge College principal and various business representatives. There was the opportunity at the end to sit in on  a real life case. The Master's knowledge of the legal profession  increased enormously from this visit! …read more

Insurers at Armourers

The Master attended an Election Court Dinner at Armourers' Hall as a guest of the Worshipful Company of Insurers. The Guild of Investment Managers, a new up and coming Guild whose foundation was supported by the Tax Advisers, was also in attendance in the person of Mark Henderson. The Guild of Investment Managers became a City of London Guild in April this year, and is the first financial services sector company to be granted such a status since the Tax Advisers founded a Guild in 1995.   Music for the evening was by Crispian Steele-Perkins and Leslie Pearson, who provided the music at our own Budget Banquet in March. …read more