Karaoke Night at Mansion House

In aid of the Lord Mayor's appeal the Lady Mayoress hosted the first ever Karaoke Night in the Egyptian Room at Mansion House. The Sheriffs and their Consorts took part, along with many Livery Masters and Consorts, as well as members of the public wishing to support the Appeal.  The Lord Mayor performed a duet via a Webcam link from South Korea,  where he is currently undertaking a business trip on behalf of the City.  As well as Karaoke, guests enjoyed a fish and chip supper. The Master managed to win two bottles of Lord Mayor's gin on the tombola!  Members wishing to experience dining in  the Egyptian Room at Mansion House can join us for the Installation Dinner on 21 September. …read more

Lunch with the Old Bailey Judges

The Master attended a lunch with the Old Bailey judges hosted by Sheriff Neil Redcliffe and Alderman Michael Mainelli in the Sheriff's dining room. It is the responsibility of the Sheriffs to organise lunch for the judges 5 days a week, and to provide a mixture of different dining companions. As well as one other Livery Master, the guests included an author, an entrepreneur, an Oxbridge College principal and various business representatives. There was the opportunity at the end to sit in on  a real life case. The Master's knowledge of the legal profession  increased enormously from this visit! …read more

Insurers at Armourers

The Master attended an Election Court Dinner at Armourers' Hall as a guest of the Worshipful Company of Insurers. The Guild of Investment Managers, a new up and coming Guild whose foundation was supported by the Tax Advisers, was also in attendance in the person of Mark Henderson. The Guild of Investment Managers became a City of London Guild in April this year, and is the first financial services sector company to be granted such a status since the Tax Advisers founded a Guild in 1995.   Music for the evening was by Crispian Steele-Perkins and Leslie Pearson, who provided the music at our own Budget Banquet in March. …read more

Sheriffs' and Recorder's Fund

The Master attended the AGM of the Sheriffs' and Recorder's Fund at the Old Bailey, a charity which works with released prisoners to try and reintegrate them into society and prevent re-offending.  The charity is supported by the Worshipful Company of Tax Advisers as well as many other Livery Companies. The AGM is an opportunity to hear from some of the beneficiaries of the fund, and the ways in which the charity has been able to make a difference in people's lives. The AGM takes place in one of the Court Rooms in the presence of the Sheriffs and the Recorder. …read more

Jailed and Bailed

In the company of 22 other Livery Masters, the Master Tax Adviser participated in Jailed and Bailed, a charity fund raising event in aid of the British Red Cross.  Masters meet at the Old Bailey where they are tried on trumped up humorous charges, appearing before Sheriff Neil Redcliffe masquerading as a judge, before being sent to the Tower of London in a Routemaster bus. …read more

Champagne and Roses for 25 years

The Master attended a Champagne and Roses Dinner as a guest of the Worshipful Company of Management Consultants to celebrate 25 years of the Company's existence. A silver platter was presented to the Company to mark its "silver anniversary" by a group of Past Masters and the current Master.  Guests, including the Master Tax Adviser had the opportunity to sabrage a bottle of champagne under the expert guidance of the Confrérie  du Sabre d'Or, and then be served champagne from that bottle. For those who have not witnessed sabrage before it involves opening a bottle of champagne by cutting off the end of the bottle with a sabre. Guests could also choose between a white or red rose buttonhole as part of the roses celebration theme. …read more

Guest of the Chartered Architects

The Master attended a dinner as guest of the Worshipful Company of Chartered Architects at Skinners' Hall on a beautiful summer's evening, which allowed us to enjoy pre-dinner drinks on the open air roof terrace. The Chartered Architects award a number of prizes to up and coming young architects, and some of these were presented at the dinner. Tax Advisers interested in visiting Skinners' Hall can join us on 15th October for our next History of Tax lecture which will be held at the venue.  For details please see …read more

Guest of the Cooks

The Master and Clerk attended a lunch hosted by the Worshipful Company of Cooks at Cutlers' Hall. The current Master Cook is Mark Grove who runs the Cook and Butler, the company responsible for the catering at a number of the Tax Advisers' events this year, such as the Consorts' Lunch, the Civic and Charities' Lunch and the Court Dinner. As befits the Worshipful Company of Cooks, the food was excellent! …read more

HSBC Art Collection

The Tax Advisers visited the HSBC Art Collection in Canary Wharf, which includes historic works built up by the Bank over many years reflecting its Eastern origins and its acquisition of Midland Bank, along side new works which are actively purchased by the curator, Daniel Lancaster, to enhance the themes in the existing collection such as landscape. The Collection also hosts temporary exhibitions showcasing the work of contemporary artists who also give talks which are open to the public. …read more

Women in the Livery

The Master attended a lunch for Women in the Livery at the Oriental Club. There was quite a strong Tax Advisers presence at the lunch as the guest speaker was Dame Fiona Woolf, former Mistress Tax Adviser, and Past Master Erica Stary and our former Clerk Paul Herbage led the Q & A session with Dame Fiona. …read more