Shrieval Chain and Badge presentation

The Master attended the Shrieval Chain and Badge of Office presentation at Stationers' Hall for Sheriff-Elect Liz Green.  Liz will take up office later in September.  Also present were four Past Master Tax Advisers, Erica Stary, Nicholas Woolf, Barbara Abraham and our Deputy Master Kevin Thomas, as was our Honorary Treasurer, Richard Geldard. …read more

Sheriffs' Rowing Challenge

The Master attended a reception at HMS President to welcome the Sheriffs and their Consorts as they completed their rowing challenge on the River Thames in aid of The Sheriffs' and Recorder's Fund.
They were accompanied on their row by a Royal Navy P2000 Destroyer and members of the Company of Watermen and Lightermen.  The challenge was to raise £10,000 by way of £10 donations from 1,000 people, and they have exceeded their cash raising target. Many Tax Advisers supported this campaign. …read more

London's newest Guild, the Investment Managers

The Master and Consort attended a civic reception at Chartered Accountants' Hall as guests of the Guild of Investment Managers. Guild status was granted by the Court of Aldermen in April 2018, so this is the City's most recent Guild  and this reception was the Guild's first official function since the grant.  The Lord Mayor gave a brief address, expressing his pleasure that a new Guild representing one of the modern professions of the City had been formed.  The Guild aims to attract younger members who are active in the profession and who are new to the Livery movement.   In due course it hopes to become a fully fledged Livery Company and then a member of the Financial Services Group of Livery Companies, of which the Tax Advisers are already members. The Tax Advisers was one of many Companies writing in support of the Guild's application presented before the Court of Aldermen. …read more

Modern Livery Companies' Dinner

The Master and the Upper Warden attended the Modern Livery Companies' Autumn Dinner at Tallow Chandlers' Hall. This event is for Masters and Upper Wardens of the Modern Livery Companies, and modern in this context begins with The Honourable Company of Master Mariners at number 78 in the order of precedence.  The dinner is a wonderful opportunity for Upper Wardens to meet their opposite number in other Livery Companies who they are likely to encounter on the Livery Circuit during their year as Master. Tallow Chandlers' Hall has been on its present site since 1476, and the current Hall dates from 1677. The Company is number 21 in the order of precedence. …read more

Livery Halls Walk

The Master and Upper Warden joined many other Livery Companies in the annual walk around the 40 or so Livery Halls in the City of London. It is a chance for a leisurely stroll around the City meeting other Masters and Wardens and discovering new Halls, with the opportunity to dine or take coffee in a number. …read more

Curry Night at the Oriental Club

The Tax Advisers enjoyed a wonderful evening in the beautiful surroundings of the Oriental Club sampling a fine curry menu. The evening started with a drinks reception and Indian style canapes, followed by a wide choice of curries from a buffet, and then a dessert kulfi course followed by coffee and Club chocolates. The Club's symbol is the elephant, and a wonderful solid silver one was placed in front of the Master's place at the meal. Thanks to the Upper Warden for organising this event. …read more

London Remembers WWI

The Master and Consort attended a Drumhead Service at the Royal Hospital Chelsea to commemorate the actions of the London Divisions during the final Hundred Days ’ Offensive of the First World War. The Chelsea Pensioners were in attendance. The former Bishop of London, Richard Chartres presided. This was followed by a celebration of international youth show-casing the work of young people's organisations such as the scouts and the sea cadets. Past Master John Dewhurst was also at the Drumhead Service, along with Past Mistress Susan Dewhurst who is a volunteer at the Hospital. …read more

Army Cadet Camp

The Master and Consort visited our affiliated cadet unit, Army Cadet Force City of London and North East  Sector at their Summer Camp in Crowborough. The Camp Commandant, Lt Col Larry Davis was at our Civic and Charities' Lunch in June to receive the Company's cheque in support of the unit.  Visitors were treated to tug of war and drill displays, as well as having an opportunity to chat to the cadets about their time on camp. The Master presented the Company prize for The Most Improved Cadet. …read more

Livery Schools Link Volunteering

Livery Schools Link (LSL) is looking for volunteers from the Livery to engage with schools.   LSL Volunteering Platform  helps the Livery to positively support a volunteering ethos and promote its own special skill set into Schools and make a difference to students’ lives in a simple and effective way. …read more

Shrieval Chain of Office and Badge Appeal

It is customary for friends and supporters of the Sheriffs-Elect to contribute to the Shrieval Chain of Office and Badge Appeal for new Sheriffs. …read more