Sheffield Park and Afternoon Tea on the Bluebell Railway

An intrepid group of tax advisers enjoyed a guided tour of the beautiful Sheffield Park Gardens, albeit in the rain, before embarking on the Bluebell Railway for a delicious Afternoon Tea. Thanks go to our Assistant Clerk for organising such a fantastic day out. …read more

Shrieval Elections Monday 25 June 2018

The Shrieval Elections will be a contested election between four candidates. Liverymen are urged to attend Guildhall and cast their vote. …read more

Collecting for the British Red Cross

The Master joined a number of other Livery Masters and Wardens collecting on behalf of the British Red Cross on London Bridge. Livery Masters and Wardens collect wearing their Livery gowns, which creates quite a spectacle on the Bridge. …read more

View Day at St Barts

The Master, Clerk and Consort all attended an Evensong at St Bartholomew the Great, our Guild Church,  (also attended by Sheriff Neil Redcliffe, who will speak at our Civic and Charities Lunch), followed by a reception in St Barts Great Hall, and a tour enabling us to see some of the fantastic work that the Barts Charity is enabling Barts hospital to carry out by way of cutting edge robotics surgery and enhancing the hospital environment for chemotherapy patients with the help of a theatrical set designer.  In a first for the UK, St Bartholomew’s has the only robot dedicated to cardiothoracic (heart, chest and lungs) surgery, while The Royal London’s is being shared across six different medical specialties for the first time. …read more

CIOT Prizegiving

The Master attended the May Admission ceremony of the CIOT at Drapers' Hall to present the Worshipful Company of Tax Advisers'  Medal for the ADIT examinations. The Medal is for  the best overall performance in Paper 3- Advanced International Taxation (Thematic) and was won by Sam El-Grew. …read more

True and Fair Lecture

The Master and Clerk attended the annual "True and Fair" lecture hosted by the Worshipful Company of Chartered Accountants at Chartered Accountants' Hall, which this year was given by the Lord Mayor, Alderman Charles Bowman on his "Business of Trust" agenda. Charles is half way through his term of office, so it was an opportunity for him to take stock. One of the positive initiatives he is pursuing is working with a cohort of young leaders of the future, and impressing on them the values that inspire trust. …read more

WWI Exhibition

The Master and Clerk attended the opening of a photographic exhibition in Guildhall Yard to commemorate the Armistice entitled "Fields of Battle - Lands of Peace: Peace and Reconciliation 1918 - 2018" …read more

Guest of the Founders

The Master and Clerk were invited to lunch at Founders' Hall by the Worshipful Company of Founders, following their Spring Court meeting. …read more

Dinner at the Old Bailey with the Sheriff

The Master and Consort, along with several  other Livery Companies, were invited for a tour and dinner at the Old Bailey by Sheriff Neil Redcliffe and his wife Emma. …read more

London's Air Ambulance Helipad

The Tax Advisers made a donation, through their charitable trust, to support the vital work of  London's Air Ambulance and the charity kindly invited a small group of Tax Advisers to visit the helicopter on its helipad at The Royal London Hospital. …read more