18 Jun 2018 - Ironbridge Gorge
15 Jun 2018 - Sherlock Holmes Walk
13 Jun 2018 - Alderman Fiona Woolf steps down
07 Jun 2018 - Royal Garden Party

Alderman Fiona Woolf steps down

Alderman Dame Fiona WoolfPast Mistress Tax Adviser, Dame Fiona Woolf has announced her intention of stepping down as Alderman for Candlewick Ward. Dame Fiona was the Mistress Tax Adviser in 2009/10, and is an Honorary Liveryman of our Company.

She was elected as Alderman for Candlewick Ward in October 2007 and was the Aldermanic Sheriff for the year 2010/11.  She was elected as the  686th Lord Mayor of London.  A celebration to mark the success of her Aldermanship was held aboard HQS Wellington, attended by the Master and Consort as well as Past Masters Michael Godbee, Barbara Abraham and Erica Stary.

Image: Alderman Dame Fiona Woolf