07 Jun 2018 - Royal Garden Party
01 Jun 2018 - Guest of the Mercers
30 May 2018 - Pewter Live

Guest of the Mercers

The Mercers' Maiden The Master and Clerk attended the Associated Companies Dinner at Mercers Hall.  In the reign of King James I, and under heavy pressure from the Crown, the Mercers, in association with the Innholders, the Cooks, the Broderers and the Masons, combined to assist the City of London in the colonisation of Ulster.  Some three hundred years later (1905-1909), the Mercers sold virtually all their estates in Ireland, dividing the proceeds between the Associated Companies thus ending  a 300-year partnership which had worked smoothly without any document or written contract.

The Mercers are particularly good at maintaining links with Livery Companies based outside London, and the Master was seated next to the Master of The Royal Company of Merchants of Edinburgh at the Dinner.

Image: The Mercers' Maiden