08 May 2018 - True and Fair Lecture
04 May 2018 - WWI Exhibition
03 May 2018 - Guest of the Founders
02 May 2018 - Dinner at the Old Bailey with the Sheriff

Dinner at the Old Bailey with the Sheriff

The Master and Consort, along with several  other Livery Companies, were invited for a tour and dinner at the Old Bailey by Sheriff Neil Redcliffe and his wife Emma.

The tour was conducted by the Sheriff, and included a trip to the court rooms and the cells. The evening was rounded off with dinner in the Old Bailey Sheriffs' dining room.

The Master has spent more time at the Old Bailey since becoming a Livery Master than the rest of her life put together!

Sheriff Neil Redcliffe is our guest speaker at our Civic and Charities Lunch on 19th June. For details of how to book see for our guest flyer see