27 Feb 2018 - Vintners and Song
20 Feb 2018 - Inter-Livery Pancake Race

Inter-Livery Pancake Race

On a wet and cold Shrove Tuesday the intrepid Tax Advisers team of Nigel James, Victoria Lloyd, Kevin Thomas and Morag Loader assembled  in Guildhall yard.

An impressive number of  Company members turned out to cheer us on and support us.

Exceptionally , due to the wet weather, there was no racing that day, but rather a pancake tossing competition. How many times could you toss a pancake in a minute?   Sadly, we were not champion tossers on the day.

There are some more photos of the Tax Advisers at, where our Beadle can be seen firing the starting gun.

A big thank you to all those who took part or came along to support.