02 Feb 2018 - Livery promotes philanthropy

Livery promotes philanthropy

Basket of English Willow

The Master and Clerk attended three events this week as guests of the Actuaries, the Insurers and the Basketmakers.

The Basketmakers support and promote the UK's basket making trade and each principal guest at their dinner was presented with a basket handmade from English Willow by one of the Company's Yeomen. All the Yeomen members are currently engaged in the craft of basket making.

One of the main themes from the Livery Companies was "giving something back" or philanthropy. Liverymen, and this would apply equally to Tax Advisers,  were urged to become involved with charities, perhaps as a Trustee or other form of pro bono work.

The Worshipful Company of Tax Advisers has strong connections with our tax charities and more details can be found here

Insignia of the Worshipful Company of Basketmakers

Image: Basket of English Willow