03 Jul 2017 - The 2017 Lord Mayor's Show
21 Jun 2017 - Civic Lunch
21 Jun 2017 - City Walk
21 Jun 2017 - Ironbridge Weekend

The 2017 Lord Mayor's Show

The story of the Lord Mayor's Show begins in 1215 with the desperate situation of King John. The King tried to win London to his side by letting it choose its own Mayor, but he insisted that every new Mayor must leave the safety of the City of London, travel up the river to the distant Westminster and swear loyalty to the Crown.

Over the centuries this inconvenient journey became one of London's favourite rituals. It moved from river barges to horseback and then into the magnificent State Coach, and around it grew the rowdy and joyful mediaeval festival that became known as the Lord Mayor's Show.

There are fewer sword fights these days but the floats are grander than ever and it's a great day out for everyone.

We need at least 4 Liverymen to volunteer to take part in the show. Please click here for more information.