21 Jun 2017 - City Walk
21 Jun 2017 - Ironbridge Weekend
21 Jun 2017 - Mansion House Scholarship Scheme

Mansion House Scholarship Scheme

On 31 May the Master and Clerk attended a reception hosted by the City of London Sheriffs at the Old Bailey to celebrate the work of the Mansion House Scholarship Scheme

The Scheme was founded in 1997 when Sir Richard Nichols, then Lord Mayor in the City of London, was particularly impressed during his overseas visits by the high regard in which the City is held by foreign business communities and by the number of students who wished to study in the UK in schools and colleges through business attachments, executive exchanges, and management training. The list of countries visited in any one year by the Lord Mayor is impressive.

Arising from these visits over the past fifteen years, Scholarships have been made available to overseas students taking Masters level degree courses at British Universities or for training and work experience in the United Kingdom's financial services industry. The training generally takes place in London, but is flexible depending on requirements.