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11 Sep 2018 - Modern Livery Companies' Dinner
07 Sep 2018 - Livery Halls Walk
03 Sep 2018 - London Remembers WWI

Modern Livery Companies' Dinner

Tallow Chandlers' HallThe Master and the Upper Warden attended the Modern Livery Companies' Autumn Dinner at Tallow Chandlers' Hall. This event is for Masters and Upper Wardens of the Modern Livery Companies, and modern in this context begins with The Honourable Company of Master Mariners at number 78 in the order of precedence.  The dinner is a wonderful opportunity for Upper Wardens to meet their opposite number in other Livery Companies who they are likely to encounter on the Livery Circuit during their year as Master. Tallow Chandlers' Hall has been on its present site since 1476, and the current Hall dates from 1677. The Company is number 21 in the order of precedence.

Image: Tallow Chandlers' Hall