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10 Aug 2018 - Sheriffs' Rowing Challenge

Sheriffs' Rowing Challenge

The Sheriffs' £10 Challenge is back!  On Tuesday 18th September two Sheriffs, Tim and Neil, one Wingman, Fiona,  and one Consort, Emma,  will row the City of London's Cutter, The Lady Gillett, down the Thames to raise funds for the Sheriffs' and Recorder's Fund.

The full story is here on this link

They  would really like you to sponsor them.... BUT PLEASE DO NOT SPONSOR THEM FOR MORE THAN £10
as they want to break a record for the number of  sponsors . A number of Tax Advisers have already donated £10 to this worthy cause.

The Shrieval rowing team writes:

Every day at the Bailey we see the tragic consequences of serious crime for both the victims and their families and also for those who are punished and sent to prison – some for more years than they have already lived. We want to raise funds for the Sheriffs' and Recorder's Fund, a charity set up over 200 years ago that is focused on helping ex-prisoners get a new start in life. It helps to reduce re-offending by making "small, practical and timely grants to ex-offenders on probation in Greater London." Recently this was in the form of an Oyster Card so that an ex offender who had managed to get a job offer whilst in prison, had the means to get to work in his first week. Further information on the very practical work that they do can be viewed on
We will publish details of the start time and route nearer the date as we would love to see as many of you as possible on Tuesday 18th September to cheer us on!
The Lady Gillett is by kind permission of the City of London Port Health Director.
We hope you will consider £10 is good value for seeing us try to row down the Thames in a small boat whilst raising money for this very special charity!