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Court Dinner

The Tax Advisers' Court Dinner this year was held at Gunmakers' Hall, one of the smaller and more difficult to visit of all the London Livery Halls.  Court members heard our Beadle, Andy Bignold, deliver a fascinating talk about  the history of the Gunmakers' Hall and  Company.   The Beadle was formerly Assistant Clerk to the Gunmakers' Company.   After the talk, we were escorted by the Proof Master into the Proof House itself,  the place where all guns in the UK must be sent for safety testing (to be "proved") before they can be used (though there is a sister Proof House in Birmingham which handles some of this task).

Earlier this year, the Master and Clerk attended a Vintners' Company Dinner at Vintners' Hall, where the Master particularly enjoyed hearing the Vintners' Song sung at the Dinner.  At our own Court Dinner, Tax Advisers heard the world premiere of The Tax Advisers' Song, commissioned by the Master from the Clerk especially for this occasion.

Founder Master Roy Jennings completed his full set of Livery Halls with this visit.

Photos of the evening can be seen in the Picture Gallery on our website.