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06 Aug 2018 - Sunday at Bathampton

Sunday at Bathampton

The towpath to BathamptonAfter choral Matins at Bath Abbey where the Tax Advisers were welcomed as official guests by Rev Stephen Girling, there was a choice of a boat cruise, led by the Master, or a walk along the towpath, led by the Consort, to the little village of Bathampton, where Arthur Philips, first Governor  of New South Wales is buried.  This was followed by lunch at Bathampton Mill.  It was one of the hottest days of the year so far, so the boat cruise was particularly popular!  The Master's Weekend ended with a return trip from Bathampton to Bath by boat, by taxi or a walk back along the towpath. More photos are available in the Master's Weekend 2018 Photo Gallery on our website.

Images: Tax Advisers on the towpath to Bathampton and Lunch at Bathampton Mill