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06 Aug 2018 - Sunday at Bathampton
02 Aug 2018 - Roman Baths
01 Aug 2018 - Georgian Fare Walking Tour

Georgian Fare Walking Tour

Tax Advisers in Sally Lunn's HouseTax Advisers at the Bertinet BakeryAs part of the Master's weekend, members and their guests enjoyed a walking tour of Bath learning about some of the foodstuffs that would have been prevalent in Bath's Georgian heyday. A great way to see the city on foot and to taste some unusual foodstuffs. One such foodstuff was the still popular Sally Lunn, which is a large bun or teacake made with a yeast dough including cream and eggs, similar to the sweet brioche breads of France. Some say the bun is named after a refugee Huguenot baker who set up shop in Bath, and others that it is the anglicisation of "soleil et lune" representing the golden crust and white base of the bun. Take your pick!

Other classics included the Bath Bun, and the Bath Oliver biscuit, invented by physician William Oliver.

Images: Tax Advisers at Sally Lunn's House and at the Bertinet Bakery