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11 May 2018 - View Day at St Barts
10 May 2018 - CIOT Prizegiving
08 May 2018 - True and Fair Lecture
04 May 2018 - WWI Exhibition

View Day at St Barts

St Bart's Robotic Surgery TeamThe Master, Clerk and Consort all attended an Evensong at St Bartholomew the Great, our Guild Church,  (also attended by Sheriff Neil Redcliffe, who will speak at our Civic and Charities Lunch), followed by a reception in St Barts Great Hall, and a tour enabling us to see some of the fantastic work that the Barts Charity is enabling Barts hospital to carry out by way of cutting edge robotics surgery and enhancing the hospital environment for chemotherapy patients with the help of a theatrical set designer.  In a first for the UK, St Bartholomew’s has the only robot dedicated to cardiothoracic (heart, chest and lungs) surgery, while The Royal London’s is being shared across six different medical specialties for the first time.

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Image: St Bart's Robotic Surgery Team