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10 May 2018 - CIOT Prizegiving
08 May 2018 - True and Fair Lecture
04 May 2018 - WWI Exhibition
03 May 2018 - Guest of the Founders

Guest of the Founders

Founders' Hall The Master and Clerk were invited to lunch at Founders' Hall by the Worshipful Company of Founders, following their Spring Court meeting.

The Founders, particularly through their Clerk Emeritus, Andrew Gillett, who is an Honorary  Assistant of the Tax Advisers' Court,  were instrumental in helping us to become a Guild and then a fully fledged Livery Company.

As a thank you, the Tax Advisers donated some silverware to the Founders, and this was placed near the Master at the lunch.

Liverymen will be aware that there is an opportunity to lunch at Founders' Hall after the election of the Sheriffs on 25th June.

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Image: Founders' Hall