19 Apr 2018 - Thames River Police Museum
16 Apr 2018 - RAF 100
12 Apr 2018 - Big Curry Lunch

Thames River Police Museum

A group of intrepid Tax Advisers visited the Thames River Police Museum in Wapping to discover more about our oldest Police Force, organised by Liveryman Peter Allen. Our guide, Rob, regaled us with fascinating stories from the Force's history, and we had the opportunity to look round the museum at the end of the talk. The terms "station" and "beat" come from the fact that the police were originally river rather than land based, and the Force is still in action today, currently known as the Metropolitan Police Marine Policing Unit.

The evening was rounded off with supper in a nearby pub, watching the light fade over the River Thames and all the lights of the City come into view.

For more photos of this event, please see the Galleries section on the WCTA website.

Photo: Tax Advisers listening to Rob at the Museum