01 Nov 2017 - Women's Tax Resistance League 1909 - 1918

Women's Tax Resistance League 1909 - 1918

The Centenary of the 1918  Representation of the People Act is fast approaching, when millions of women were granted the vote for the first time and the City will be commemorating this in June.  This development did not come from nowhere, and on 24th October the WCTA's History of Tax group was delighted to host Helen Thornley, an ATT Technical Officer, who delivered a fascinating talk on the League's struggle to secure votes for women under their slogan "No Vote, No Tax ". Our Assistant Clerk, James Dixon, even spotted his great grandmother among the list of female tax resisters compiled by the authorities!

Our next event is on 20th February 2018, when Professor Martin Daunton will be speaking on Land Tax in the British Empire.