04 Oct 2017 - Election of new Lord Mayor
29 Sep 2017 - Annual Sheep Drive
27 Sep 2017 - Installation Dinner
21 Sep 2017 - Thank you!

Election of new Lord Mayor

Election of new Lord MayorOn 29th September, Michaelmas Day, the Master attended the Common Hall at Guildhall to elect the new Lord Mayor of the City of London, processing with other Livery Masters including Princess Anne. Charles Bowman, a PwC partner was elected.

Common Hall is an opportunity to see the pomp, pageantry and tradition of the City of London at its very best, and is held at the same time every year.

The election is open to all Liverymen, who have been clothed in the Livery prior to May in the preceding year. The reason for this is historical. In the past it was not unknown for Livery Companies to pack their Livery with new members at the last minute to vote for their preferred candidate. The May rule prevents this practice.

If you have never been you might like to consider attending next year, and if you are a Freeman rather than a Liveryman, why not consider advancing to the Livery?